ABXY Translations

All the right buttons.

ABXY Translations specializes in the translation of entertainment products. In-game text, box art, ads, press releases – as long as it resembles English, I’ll turn it into high-quality Dutch. And I’ve been doing it for a while now.

After a 3-month internship at EA Games and acquiring my Bachelor’s degree in International Communication (English-Japanese), I was hired by EA as Localization Coordinator. After 6 months, it was time to move on. I left to work for a company I’d been wanting to work for since the original Super Mario Bros. kept me glued to the screen. I moved to Frankfurt, Germany and spent more than five years as an English-Dutch Translator at Nintendo of Europe. Check out the About me page for more info on the work I did there, or click Previous work to see what games I’ve worked on throughout my career.

Now I’m taking my years of experience – the sense of responsibility I acquired at EA and the attention to detail Nintendo rubbed off on me – and putting it up for sale! Well, not literally. But I will use my experience to provide the best possible translations of anything you throw at me. That’s a promise.

Hit up the Contact info page to shoot me an e-mail.